Therapy in Rotterdam

We all love the fast pace and excitement of Rotterdam. In this urban and always-on Rotterdam life, many of us often do not take the time we need to take better care of ourselves. For many people and for many expats, the stress of different aspects of our lives and getting used to Rotterdam and Dutch culture can cause and add up a lot of stress. This can lead to depression, loss of attachment, anxiety and other challenges. As a psychologist I have helped during the past six years many expats in Rotterdam with understanding and mastering the ways in which the many stressful currents of their lives interact and effect their mental and emotional health. Many people use therapy also to achieve and set personal or professional goals, to get in touch with their emotions, learn how to express their emotions better or how to manage their emotions, to get to know themselves better or for better understanding of themselves. I am specialized in the treatment of burnout, stress related issues, anxiety, depression, (individual) relationship issues, trauma and cultural adjustment.

Specialties and overall expertise

  • Stress management
  • Burn-out
  • Work engagement
  • Emotional /behavioral avoidance
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship issues
  • Perfectionism
  • Low self esteem
  • Career and professional issues
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Identity and belonging

Therapy in English

The treatment of your issues can be achieved in a variety of ways, as I always customize therapy which suits my client the best. Therefore I use a variety of techniques including positive psychology coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy. To learn more about me and my practice, view this page.  I offer sessions in  Dutch, Berber Languages and English. I have a certificate in Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE, C1 level).

Out of pocket fees
The fees for as well the initial sessions as ongoing sessions are €90 euros (50 minutes). Since I do not have contracts with insurances, the sessions in my private practice are not covered. In case you would like to book sessions during evening hours, the fees for sessions are € 125 (50 minutes). Fees are paid by monthly invoice.

No long waiting list for therapy

If you prefer sessions in the evening, you will be invited within one week for an initial session.  I aim to keep my waiting lists as short as possible.

Psychologist for expats in the Netherlands

Send an email to with your personal details for making an appointment.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus all intakes and sessions will be from now on online videosessions.