Hanan Haddouch,MSc

Your expat psychologist in Rotterdam

I am a genuine, empathetic, honest and dedicated therapist who is passionate about supporting people on their journey of healing and growth. As a 32 years old bilingual psychologist with a multicultural background, I am well experienced with psychological issues in combination with cultural adjustment. Living in the Netherlands and finding your fit within Rotterdam does create a lot of challenges. However I am always keen on challenges and I am very experienced in working with expats dealing with burnout, stress related issues, anxiety, depression, (individual) relationship issues, trauma and cultural adjustment.

Sometimes it is very confusing and difficult to make sense of feelings, how to manage them and being able to find healthy ways of dealing with stressful issues. Achieving wellness in any kind of form is a dynamic process of taking responsibility, making choices and being aware of yourself and your behavior. It is an individual journey which requires a personalized approach. That is why I am not a big fan of sticking to only fixed treatment protocols. I always personalize my therapy to your goals and priorities. This can only work if there is enough room for feedback, support and guidance.

Personal life

In my personal life I enjoy surfing, travelling and photography. I have travelled to already 30 countries in the world, from Asia to South-America. Because of travelling a lot, having a multicultural background and having a lot of work experience with expats at my practice, my clients tend to feel at least quickly at home, safe and understood at my practice. The next step is feeling at home in the Netherlands.